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CLUB UNIFORM UPDATE FROM SEAHAWKS - Priority is determined by length of time in the competition. Clubs with lower priority within their colour MUST change to alternate uniforms when playing clubs higher than them.

WOLVES: We are ALWAYS in our BLACK uniform UNLESS playing Pelicans or SSC (St. Stephen's College).

The table below has been confirmed by Seahawks. I will post this to all WhatsApp team chats today.

UNIFORM PRIORITY RULES FROM JUNIOR BY-LAWS 16.2 The Club with the longer record of continued participation in the competition has uniform priority over newer Clubs. 16.3 Failure of the newer Club to switch to alternate tops will result in forfeiture of the game. Clubs/Teams must source their own alternate singlets. Turning singlets inside out is not permitted. 16.4 Where two teams of the same Club meet in a game, it is the club’s responsibility to ensure a reverse or alternate uniform is supplied and worn by one of the teams.

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