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Easter Chocolate Fundraiser!!

Wolfpack! By now you will have received your fundraising easter chocolate boxes! If you missed training this week please contact Lisa Watson on 0415 122 141 to arrange picking up your box this weekend or next week at training.

Just a reminder there are 3 gift card prizes up for grabs for the top three selling players. PLUS! There are 5 x 2kg blocks of chocolate up for grabs for the 5 teams that sell the most chocolates.

Full details are here on our website:

Selling Tips:

  • Neighbourhood door knocking - please make sure an adult accompanies any child. Safety first always!

  • Wear your Wolves Jerseys to promote the club

  • Remember it is right before easter and this will save people having to go to the shops for easter eggs!

Extra Boxes are available if you sell out - just contact Lisa and she’ll get it to you!

Please return money in the bag provided in each box to your team manager, which is then to be handed back to Lisa in the week of March 25 (no later than Saturday March 23). Prizes will be announced on Sunday March 24.

Good luck Wolves! We’re aiming to sell 110 boxes to raise $3,300 for our club!!

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