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A New Chapter for Wolves Basketball: A Farewell Message from President / Club Founder Adam Chanter & Announcing the new TMB Committee

22nd March 2024

As the sun sets on an incredible experience, it's time for me, Adam Chanter, to say farewell as the President of Wolves Basketball. The journey we've embarked on together over the past 5 years has been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with growth, challenges, and countless successes.


A lot of people may not be aware the early vision for this program was designed off what I personally was not afforded growing up in small town rural Victoria through the 90’s. This in large was to remove the barriers to representative pathways whilst matching player effort and dedication.


My personal ethos has been designed from a lived experience, to utilise basketball as the language we share with our youth to inspire and motivate greatness. I stand firm in my belief that greatness cannot be achieved without first understanding humility, the positive and negative attachments to ego, minimising self-limiting belief systems, whilst practicing patience and compassion through lateral leadership with our peers. We then sprinkle this with a small amount of tough love then add two parts sugar to taste. I have witnessed this firsthand by the support and commitment demonstrated by our Wolves coaches as we help mould better humans. I know in my heart we are on the right path with this.


From our first under-9s team taking the court to winning our first division 1 championship with our under-17s boys, each moment has been a testament to our community's spirit, dedication, and passion for basketball. I found much enjoyment in advocating for the implementation of the schools excellence program, along with watching female participation grow within our junior program as our girls’ team begin to compete in higher divisions against the much larger and established clubs.


Across the five years we have put over 200 junior players on court (and a few older over 30s teams) and birthed and supported over 40+ juniors on the pathway to state league representative opportunities. We have truly solidified basketball as a cornerstone to our ever changing and vibrant community. But this is only the beginning.


It has been the utmost of privileges to grow the game I love for our town. My personal reward has been witnessing the enjoyment basketball brings to so many whilst creating a community within a community. We’ve built this from the ground up with no prior basketball culture on Tamborine Mountain, and in the absence of any historical strings to a time before that allow us to define identity. But we did it with no shortcuts.


I extend my deepest gratitude to:


  • Our incredible current and past sponsors: Tamborine Mountain Coffee Plantation, Physique Physiotherapy, Green Earth Building, NSJ Transport, Watup Transport, Traffic Engineering Australia, The Manor and Tamborine Mountain Nursery. Your unwavering support has fuelled our journey and empowered our vision.


  • Our community partners: Tracey Brose and the Tamborine Mountain High School staff, Jason Smith and the Tamborine Mountain State School team, and Joseph the Greengrocer. Your collaboration and support have been pillars of our success.


  • Our volunteers, coaches, team managers, and every family that has contributed to making Wolves Basketball what it is today. Your commitment has not only helped us grow but has also made a significant impact on our community.


A special shoutout to our dedicated committee members: Jessica Fern, Jason Hayes, Megan Dawe, Forbes McKail, Leila McKail, Denise Hayes, Tash Miller, Kirstie Parker, Lisa Watson and Levi Mahony. It is also important that the past committee members that have helped shape our journey from day one are also acknowledged. To Natalie Chanter, Farid Shahidinejad, Michael Bunney, Aylissa Canning, Celicia McHarg and Alex Patten, your tireless efforts were the early backbone of our club.


As I step down, my heart is filled with pride for what we've accomplished and excitement for the future of Wolves Basketball. The foundation we've built together is strong, and I have every confidence in the club's continued success and growth under new leadership.


While I may be saying goodbye to my role as President, I am not leaving our wonderful basketball community. I'll stay involved to ensure a smooth transition and to support our club in reaching new heights in a specialised role which highlights my skill set working in Stakeholder Engagement, but more importantly I now am able to focus more time on my amazing and energetic children Arlo and Sloane. I will also be actively lobbying for the development of a purpose-built three court sports stadium at 400 Long Rd. Community support will be needed to achieve this.


On this note, it is with great enthusiasm that I announce our 2024 Executive and General Committee, following our AGM, which was held online on Tuesday night.


As I conclude my tenure, it is my privilege to announce Jessica Fern's appointment as the Interim President of the Tamborine Mountain Basketball Association, with Ben Norling stepping into the role of Vice President. Jessica and I have worked side by side for the last 18 months and I have witnessed first-hand her commitment to excellence and operational best practices. She brings a wealth of energy, inspiration and expertise to steer the Wolves forward and ensure a seamless transition for Ben to assume the Presidency next season. Jessica's strategic approach and dedication to our community's values promise a dynamic and prosperous era for our team. Her detailed vision and mission for her interim presidency can be found in here.  I'm looking forward to supporting her and Ben as we embark on this new chapter together.


I’m proud to announce the new committee structure and members for 2024:



● Interim President: Jessica Fern

● Vice President: Ben Norling

● Secretary: Nicole Biskaps

● Treasurer: Megan Dawe

● Basketball Coordinator: Tash Mackenzie


● Admin Coordinator: Jen Muggleton

● Registration Coordinator: Kirstie Parker

● Coaching Coordinator: Levi Mahony

● Events Coordinator: Lisa Watson

● Community Engagement Coordinator: Adam Chanter

● Website Coordinator: Leila McKail

● Social Media Coordinator: Kat Hampson

● Team Manager Coordinator: Denise Hayes

● Supervisor Coordinator: Denise Hayes

● Uniform Coordinators: Leila & Forbes McKail


I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our committee members and club wide volunteers whose dedication, energy, and passion have been pivotal in steering Tamborine Mountain Basketball both on the court and behind the scenes. Our families are indeed fortunate to have such a dedicated group of individuals devoting their time and expertise to our club.


Here's to new beginnings, continued success, and the unwavering spirit of Wolves Basketball. Thank you all for an unforgettable journey.

I look forward to seeing you all around the courts.



Adam Chanter

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